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Stairs Always Lead To You ch. 2
It was seven in the morning when Dave's obnoxious alarm clock song "big boody bitches" rang out in his room, enough for Karkat's eyes to flutter open. Karkat looked around the room for the first second, confused. The TV was still on before him displaying Netflix. Karkat immediately turned the damn thing off; nothing was more annoying than an electric device staying on unintentionally during the night.
That's right, Karkat thought. That giant John douche lent him his comfy couch that was cozier than his own bed for the night.
But shit, what time was it, seven o'clock? That meant the bus was arriving in a half an hour for school that day. Oh gog, but the inner debate whether to either bother to go or not argued within the boundaries of his skull. Fucking hell…
"Uhhhgh, no more pop tarts…" He heard a tired voice say in the kitchen that was literally connected, or part of the living room, behind the couch.
"Fine, I'll take the bagel madam." Was he talking to himself? Karka
:iconthe-everlasting-ash:The-EverLasting-Ash 123 48
Cuddle With Krabbles by The-EverLasting-Ash Cuddle With Krabbles :iconthe-everlasting-ash:The-EverLasting-Ash 1,741 121
The Stairs Always Lead To You
Authors note:  This fic will be John/Karkat, if this is not your fancy, please calm your shorts down and go find something more meaningful to your life.  Also, this is completely AU, it won't have much of, if any connection to the real hs comic besides the characters.  Also, some characters will be at different ages than others.  This fic has normalyoung!Karkat and Older! John, possibly eventually in a romantic relationship.  If this is not your fancy either, please leave.  More happiness for us all.  If you continue reading, I hope you like!)
His last report card was a colorful variety of C’s D’s and F’s, and Karkat could have cared less. He had more things to be peeved about that day.
Oh was Karkat ever so peeved.
The most recent thing that the short 13 year old troll was ever so peeved at was the fact that his close, but extremely ADHD best friend Terezi decided to ditch him to go hang
:iconthe-everlasting-ash:The-EverLasting-Ash 231 107
Give the Crab Back to KK Again by The-EverLasting-Ash Give the Crab Back to KK Again :iconthe-everlasting-ash:The-EverLasting-Ash 1,494 94 AT - Florian At the Beach by ClefdeSoll AT - Florian At the Beach :iconclefdesoll:ClefdeSoll 83 20


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Please see my updated pricing chart and style guide for more details. As always, feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions, or want a free price quote.

Commission Chart by Zilleniose

VISIT THE TUMBLR POST HERE to see just how many people are reblogging with similar horror stories. With over 14,000 followers, hopefully soon this post will be widespread - it's already well on its way.

VISIT MY TUMBLR to follow me! I will no longer be uploading art to this site and move exclusively to tumblr, (possibly) FurAffinity, and I will continue to check my account though for comments, notes, and commissions. 

I AM STILL OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS ON THIS SITE so feel free to continue to do so, and check my tumblr to keep up with my most recent work. I will create one huge overall image to portray my up to date work soon, and keep it current in the future.


As if you needed another reason to avoid this site, despite their supposed copyright policy, DeviantArt may not protect your art from copyright infringement.

While most blatant reposts of your work will be taken down without worry, alterations, edits, traces, and references are becoming regarded as acceptable by DA.

I have been hearing an alarming amount of users complain about inconsiderate or lazy admins, as well as reports of infringing work not being properly dealt with. It’s starting to become the norm to see an artist’s work blatantly traced or altered without any consequence to the art thief. Apparently that copyright policy is just for show - and since the TOS says DA can’t be held responsible for damages (IE copyright infringement), you can’t force them legally to uphold their policy, even if you’re a paying customer.

The past year or so I’ve been hearing these stories, I’ve erred on the side of caution, figuring each case must have something irregular in the details. That an art site couldn’t possibly have a nearly airtight policy and not uphold it. And then it happened to me.

PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE USER RESPONSIBLE FOR TRACING IN THESE IMAGES. If you know who this is, do not flame or send hate; I purposely did not contact her myself because I figured it was DA’s job to do that. She ended up taking it down herself without any word from my end, upon asking if it was alright to trace or make bases from my work (to which I respectfully declined). She was extremely courteous and respected both me and my art when she realized I preferred no tracing of my work.

Link to my artwork | Link to the infringing work [taken down]


Click here for full size image


Click here for full size image

I filed a DMCA takedown request form, as per the policy. Nine times out of ten in my personal experience, asking the artist to take something down myself results in absolutely nothing but rude retorts sent my way; so I went straight to the admins. I was met however, with an extremely unprofessional string of responses - even when I offered an image like the one directly above to show this wasn’t just referenced or a source of inspiration, it was line-for-line tracing.

If you want to see the copyright policy for yourself, you can find it here.


Click here for full size image

Even after pointing out excerpts of the copyright policy myself, admin realitysquared refused that what he saw was against DA’s copyright policy.

The key point here being that regardless of tracing, the characters depicted were not “the same”. That’s right kids, if someone traces your work or even alters existing work slightly to represent a “different” character, this is apparently acceptable at DA.

I’m posting this to warn other artists about this site. Yes, art thieves can yank any art piece they want to rip off just about anywhere on the ‘net - that’s a give-in, and not using DA won’t keep that from happening. But I urge artists who value their rights to reconsider giving this website any money or traffic. I personally will no longer post my art here, and may even delete all my work save for a few pieces I will use for commissions.

Regardless of what truly happened with my case, whether or not their copyright policy was truly broken (I have yet to find anything in the policy that states what has transpired should be condoned) I know for a fact that no artist will want this to happen to them.

What DeviantArt proved with this treatment is that it has next to no regard for their users, as artists or as customers. I will only be sparsely using this site to uphold a few current client lists for a while, but hopefully in the near future I will no longer be here. If anyone currently has an account here, I urge you to consider what has happened to me, and ask yourself if (A) you want to support a site that has such blatant disregard for artists and their work, and (B) you want this or something similar to happen to you.

UPDATE: I have decided to continue uploading art very sparsely, but only some select pieces; I plan on being predominately on tumblr, and possibly FurAffinity. While I do not condone how this site is run, I enjoy the community far too much to deprive myself of it because a handful of individuals running the site are unprofessional and/or unacceptably rude. I won't however pretend like this incident never happened, and I will continue to do all I can to be proactive in discussing the numerous problematic issues with this site, educate those interested, and try to change it for the better in any way I find possible (which may end up being very little to nothing, but nonetheless I will put forth the effort).


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm hungry.

Current Age: 23
Current Residence: St. Louis, Missouri,
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Small
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga, Fantasy, Sci-Fi,
Operating System: Window's Vista


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Your art is beautiful, I can't fave enough of it! ^^
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Hey ^^
I love you'ré art style ^^
Do you take an art trade ?
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KilaTheKitty Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
h-hoi um.. i was just wondering.. are you still active here? [ive been checking in here even before i had a da when i was 10 and i dont know if u have a new account or ur more active on tumblr or what] [[im sorry for bothering u ur the reason i draw]]
Zilleniose Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am somewhat! I rarely post new work here however due to the lack of copyright regulations and terrible moderation. I'm more active on tumblr (zilleniose-chu) and Twitter (Zillychu).

I tend to check in once a week or so because I have quite a few clients who primarily use DA. :)

It's so lovely to meet you! You aren't a bother at all, your comment really made me smile! I'm beyond humbled and overjoyed, you are so sweet!
KilaTheKitty Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh gosh i didnt expect u to reply, thank chu T^T but ye ye i understand that, im glad i could make chu smile ^v^

tbh i was hoping that once i was a good enough artist youd notice me [also i have the flu rn and ny parents are being assholes so this reply was very noice]
Zilleniose Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh gosh, you should never have to hope anyone notices you for any other reason beyond being yourself! It doesn't matter the profession - artists, athletes, actors, doctors - we're all just people. Being yourself is more important than being similar to the person you want to talk to. :)

I'm sorry you're not feeling well and that you're having trouble with your parents! Remember to drink lots of water and rest up, I hope you feel better soon <3
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WickedHex Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Look at this person here: :iconmelodylove098: !
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