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June 1, 2008
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Pokemon Pixel ID BLANK by Zilleniose Pokemon Pixel ID BLANK by Zilleniose
:star:If you use this, PLEASE give me credit and either link to this Deviation or my page! Thanks!:star:

:bulletred: Added paw print feature! :bulletred:

Here it is! :D

All you need to do is download the file (It's a PSD for Photoshop), and all the layers are labeled and set for you to adjust as you please. c8

If you don't have Photoshop, just copy and past this image and you'll have to manually do all the other graphics. Sorry. :C

:bulletred: INFO :bulletred:

Is this ID of yourself? A persona? Fursona?
What were you caught with? A pokeball? Ultraball? Netball? (I have a Pokeball, Ultraball, and Masterball icon premade for you, but you can make your own!)
Make sure to choose your gender!

I find it cute to put your age in for the level. c: In Pokemon you can only go to Lv. 100... but maybe you're stronger! Perhaps over 9,000?

Do you have a real Pokemon hold item, or something else? A flamethrower? A dirty magazine? A fish?
Serebii.Net Item list: [link]
Serebii.Net Berrydex: [link]

Pretty much self-explanatory. Maybe your stats even go off the bar!

Do you have a real Pokemon ability - or something new? Abilitydex: [link]

What kind of nature do you have?
What about your favorite kind of food?
What do you like to do?

Are you in the Sinnoh region? Kanto? Viridian Forest? Your boyfriend's pants? With your trainer?

You can choose some real Pokemon moves, or make your own! The PSD file comes with an invisible layer with pre-made official "type" graphics, but you can make your own one of those too. c: Attackdex: [link]

Other Stats
What type are you? Electric? Flying? Something new? Maybe you're more than two types!
You have a trainer? A fellow Deviant can catch you and make you his/her trainer!
How much experience do you have? Do you not fight a whole lot? Or perhaps the bar is full?
What about your ID Number? Is it some sort of DA number? Livejournal? Facebook? Or something random?

Contest Stats
How cute are you? Smart? Tough? Use this just like your base stats!
Sheen is your overall score. The higher the stats, the more sheen you generally have.

:bulletred: There are plenty of good Pokemon sites out there that have guides on real moves, abilities, and more. My favorites are Serebii.Net and Marilland, but Marilland is having some site issues at the moment I believe.

Serebii.Net : [link]
There's a Pokedex and Attackdex to the tip left column, and more if you go down and select "Pokemon Diamond/Pearl" under the video games category.

:star:The font used is "Visitor TT2 BRK"!
You can download the Visitor pack here: [link]

The size I use it is at 3px. c:

Pokemon (c) Nintendo

All graphics are made by me!
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